Encouraging Transitions to Tertiary among International Fee-Paying Students: Insights Report

  • March 2022
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This work is part of a wider programme of work to increase the transition rate of international students moving from secondary to tertiary study. This research focusses on four priority Asian markets (China, Indonesia, South Korea, and Viet Nam) and explores:

  • the key motivations for a parent to send their child to school in an English-speaking country
  • the information sources they use to decide
  • drivers for considering New Zealand as a destination
  • drivers and barriers to tertiary transition and how they change during the secondary school experience.

Other transitions research completed as part of this programme include:

  1. A literature review of what other countries are doing. To view this click here.
  2. An infographic on transition rates in New Zealand (2015-2019). To view this click here.
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